43 Premium Lightroom Presets

One of my clients told me before some photographers are like magicians. They can take an otherwise dull and lifeless image and magically transform it into a an exciting work of art! One way to achieve that is through Lightroom Presets, a quick and easy way to add some pop to your images. With this Mighty Deal from Adamsgraphy, you'll get yourself my personal 43 Premium Lightroom Presets to create your own masterpieces. Easy to install, including a step by step guide. Act now and get the entire collection for FREE for as limited time offer.

120 Photoshop Free Overlays

A collection of a stunning 120 free photoshop overlays brought to you by shutterstock. 


48 Portrait Poses by Dan Bullman Photography

In this guide you will get sample images of 48 different poses you can use in your next photo shoot.  For best results, download the PDF to your phone so that you can refer to it and show the sample images to your model during the photo shoot.