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...continuing with our series "Guest Blog of the Week" I will post today about one of the top wild photographers and documentary directors in Europe and the whole world. If you are fan of National Geographic, Geographic Traveller, GEO, Wildlife, The Times or Daily Mirror you should have been came across his stunning incredible wild photography or his spectacular documentary movies. Personally I consider him one of my favorite photographers who is always inspiring me with his landscape photography and animal photography. Today the post is about Tomas Hulik - After he has been chosen as Nikon ambassador in Slovakia as Photographer, cameraman, director. I came across this Interview between him and Author Julo Kotus in Fotografi s 2 komentáre. Enjoy and get lost in his beautiful photos ...

Tomas Hulik | Nikon ambassador in Slovakia

Interview Tomas, today you're famous in Slovakia not only as professional photographer but as successful director and cameraman of nature and documentary movies. Each success and each career has to start somehow. How were your beginnings? My father is a famous designer. He is not only creating, but also managing gallery in downtown of Bratislava. That’s why since I was a kid I was surrounded by strong and constant designers impulses as graphics and as photographic as well. When I naturally ask my dad about cameras, he brought out Practise with words: “Here is a stick and circle. When this stick will be in the circle, there will be something interesting in that movie. The rest is up to you…” By this simple words he had explained me light-meter so I was running around in the nature a trying to reach to have stick in the circle (laugh).

Image by Tomas Hulik | Nikon D800 150.0-600.0 mm f/5.0-6.3 f/8 600mm 1/1600 ISO 1000

During your photography career path did you have any other topic than nature? Which are you heart (favorite) styles? It was always nature. From time to time people as well. It has somehow naturally developed in regard to my official specialization focused on sciences. Nature and travelling resultant focusing on wildlife photography and document or travel photography.

Image by Tomas Hulik | NIKON D4 28.0-300.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 f/9 48mm 1/1250 ISO 250

You have graduated as biologist and environmentalist and I know about you, that you have attended on scientific excursion in Ussuri and on island Sachalin in Russia, in Borneo in Malaysia. In addition you found some new species… Where was it? Was the camera an inevitable part of your travelling that time? In Ussuri on Far east of Russia we have discovered a lot of interesting species and then it continued in Sabaha on Borneo island, where we were as private, but scientific excursion… And there we have discovered a lot of new insects, with which then entomologist had a lot of work. Yes, of course the camera couldn’t be missed… When I was recently watching the pictures, I wish I could be there with the photo knowledge and experience as I have now… Probably the huge amount of diapositives, which we took there would look better today. Can you imagine that when I was 18 years old student I bought 40 Kodak films and those should stay with me 4 months in Russia expedition? They stayed with me (it was enough amount).

Image by Tomas Hulik | Nikon D810 28.0-300.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 f/7.1 62mm 1/5000 ISO 2000

On which project do you remember the most, what are you enjoying? I can't give answer on that. In regard of, that I am trying to all the time improve and with help of the always newer, better technique equipment, its mostly the last finished published project. But I also likely remember on very beginnings, when we were filming a movie 'Hulik and his beavers' and taking pictures about beavers The life of beaver. Maybe also because from this my first article for National Geographic started up / accrued.

Image by Tomas Hulik | Nikon COOLSCAN IV ED Its mandatory in professional wild photography that they don’t only show up the animals themselves, but they are showing their surrounding as well, very often in several plans. We can find in them the relationships and we can feel the reality from them. They are not just the portraits of animals, how its popular the shoot nowadays.

Image by Tomas Hulik | Nikon COOLSCAN IV ED

I have such as well, but not a lot. When I have on camera the stable epicenter and I cant go aside either because there is no time or space to do it. In general I don’t have ambition to shoot typical “calendar” pictures nor encyclopedia pictures. As you said, nowadays its very popular and for me its boring as well.

Image by Tomas Hulik | NIKON D4 150.0-600.0 mm f/5.0-6.3 f/6.3 600mm 1/320 ISO 4000

All the portraits look the same. If I am lucky to shoot the animal in its natural on unordinary surrounding or in situation with all the relations to surrounding, that’s what has added value for me. I don’t need to count “veins in eye”, I need to discover the relationships, real and pretended. I like plans, ranks, structures and rules of nature, which show much more as a picture with animals, then as a portrait of an animal. I don’t blame anybody who is doing it and definitely they are good in it and their pictures are successful, but my priority is not to do such pictures.

Image by Tomas Hulik | Nikon D800 - 150.0-600.0 mm f/5.0-6.3 | f/5.6 280mm 1/400 ISO 3200

What is the hardest to take picture of? Its hard to say. Some animals are easier to shoot, some its harder. Some require few months preparation, testing, until we are successful to make some shot. For example cat-o’- mountain is very rare and shy / backward creature, like as wild cat and as wolf. Very rare and treasured are shots from insects life as well, which appear exceptional.

Image by Tomas Hulik | Nikon D300 80.0-200.0 mm f/2.8 f/5 165mm 1/1250 ISO 400 What is your dream as a photographer and traveler? My dream is to take a picture of snow leopard, but also to take pictures of mountain gorillas in Africa, or to shoot pictures of jaguar in South America. The life is short and of course sometimes the lack of finances is obstacle.

Image by Tomas Hulik | Nikon D4 150.0-600.0 mm f/5.0-6.3 f/9 180mm 1/1250 ISO 500 Can you say that you are the lucky one, who is making a living from their hobby? Or do you have feeling that since you start to earn by your hobby, it became difficulty / suffer? Both. Definitely I am very happy person, who is making money from what I love, the only thing which I mind is gathering the sources on projects, travels and movies, but I consider it as inevitable evil. Then the realization itself is nice, however many times very tiring. Fortunately, nowadays its better, however I don’t want to say that the work opportunities come easily. Even we “can” often choose.

Your experience you are forwarding on courses, photo excursions, on which you are taking the photographers beginners. Aren’t you afraid that you are raising up new competitors? No, I don’t have problem with it. Everybody can press a button on camera and with the fact that they can learn some hints and tips, which will help them, I can be only glad. When the competition will be more qualitative, then also I would have to improve, so its useful for everybody.

Image by Tomas Hulik | NIKON D4 150.0-600.0 mm f/5.0-6.3 f/9 550mm 1/2500 ISO 2000

Thank you for interview and I wish you good luck and joy in your further work and all the best to upcoming birthday anniversary. Thank you and I am greeting all readers of Nikonblog.sk Credits: Article Link: https://goo.gl/DhFCqi Author: Julo Kotus Featured by: www.nikonblog.sk/ Photographer: Tomas Hulik ~End of Article~

Such a great artist! - I would also like to take this opportunity and share with you one of his great symphonies: Divoke Slovakia

'Beneath the surface of the sea of ​​clouds, the river of time and everyday life, every day again and again wake up and give birth to new stories of animals, plants, lifeless, life of full earth. Even the smallest and most humble of these stories and its bearers ask their place in the sun - and right. Bears, features, eagles ... Where in Europe is these predators a natural part of the forest? In the high mountains, which are not yet marked by mass tourism? Or in places where the river does not flow down through the valleys of endless forests and meadows? In one of the Central European countries, in Slovakia, there is such a unique place with beautiful, untouched nature and fascinating life of animals and plants. Let's take a journey full of discoveries and take a look at the mysteries of the country we are all convinced of knowing intimately.' ~Tomas Hulik~ Credits: Movie Title: Divoke Slovakia Director: Tomas Hulik Music: Peter Machajik

Hope you enjoyed our guest blog of this week with Tomas Hulik and get lost in his stunning photographs and stories. Subscribe to my newsletter and don't miss an update with new trusted articles about photography and travelling. In the next article I will write about: How To Sell Your Photography Online and Turn Your Hobby into a Passive Income as I did?

Stay tuned !

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