Cycle Chic Photoshoot (The key of creating a successful photoshoot)

While shooting people, always put the model in the surroundings they find themselves and feel comfortable at, during the shooting plan ask your model questions like; - What do they like? - Are they nature or city person? - What are their favorite outfit colors? - What are their hobbies? etc.

Your goal is to make try as much as you can to create storytelling of your model within the photograph you are taking for her. This also will make the model feeling comfortable and more engaged to your lens, reflecting their personality in the photo you take for them is the key of creating a great photograph.

These images are example from my last photoshoot with beautiful Justė Stupuraitė, during the Cycle Chic photoshoot planning I knew from her that she had a great passion to bicycles and bike rides and she is more into nature more than city crowd, and her favorite color is black. As result we managed to put all of this together and we really had much fun while both of us doing what we love to do, me as a photographer and she as a biker! Let me know your opinion in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading and watching the photos and wish you a great rest of the day. Adam Khaled | Photographer and founder of Adamsgraphy

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