Day #18 (I got robbed in Belgium)

Before reading: please note that this post has nothing against Brussels as a city, Belgium as country, Immigrants from anywhere on earth or even any human being I will mention in the story below. This post is about my personal experience and opinion about this robbery accident which happened to me in Brussels which is I totally admit that its initially my own fault and responsibility and not anyone's else. Otherwise I am sharing this post with you guys in seek of exhortation as I don't wish to any traveller/backbacker/photographer to any human to have this experience. Thank you!

Location Brussels-South railway station. Situation I was waiting for my train heading to Bruges (city in the north/west of Belgium) as a part of my plan, I saw a woman around 35 years old carrying a new born child around 2-3 month standing near my chair alone with her babe and 3 luggages, she seemed to be exhausted and tired while her little son was crying and screaming wants to get feed or I don’t know what. She seemed to be a bit down and desperate and maybe needs a hand at least with her luggages. I stood up for her and offered my chair to sit down to feed the baby after putting down one of her luggages off her shoulder. All the above just happened in approx. 30-40 seconds then I took a look back on my bags and just found that my laptop bag disappeared !!!!! Yes one of my bags got stolen while I was helping a mother to feed her babe. I started to run everywhere around like crazy, yelling and shouting in all the ppl sitting around including the woman I was helping her and everybody was looking at me like they’re are watching a monkey in a zoo. Do you wanna know what was in thus bag? :D

1. My laptop (Macbook Pro late 2012)

2. Hardesk external 4 Terabyte has more than 10 years of all my memories in Egypt, Slovakia, all my travel photos in all the counties I wandered (including all the photos I took it during this euro trip) in addition to all my photography and graphic work since I started in 2008, including dozens of open/pending projects with my clients whom awaiting for their work to be done (some of them paid me deposit) 😂

3. My graphic tablet

4. Canon 6D original charger

5. 200€ (emergency cash I just put in the bag in case I lost my wallet or something.

6. All my camera’s memory cards (6-7 cards)

7. Additional iphone emergency charger

The funny thing is that I went to police to seek for help and they couldn’t help me with anything, the police officer was decent and professional but he just set it clear to me that they won’t be able to help me to find this this bag, he also added that this kind of robberies (pick-pockets) have been massively increased during the last 3 years (since Belgium agreed to receive immigrants from Africa and Middle East) and he desperately stated in indirect way that they partially started to lose control in most of the crowded places like Brussels south station (the place I got robbed in) and usually when the pick-pockets stole something they sell it immediately, whilst according to the law (fuck that law) the police cannot utterly accuse, arrest or even interrogate the customer who bought anything got stolen.

Lessons I learned

1. if you are a photographer/graphic designer it’s extremely important to always back up all your work on at least 2 different hardesk, or any cloud(s) etc.

2. if you’re traveler/backpacker don’t put all your electronics or any expensive shit in another bag, buy a bigger backpack with a housing for your laptop/electronics etc. to avoid pick-pocketers as the possibility to steal a “heavy backpack” full of all your shit is much harder than to steal a small separate bag carries all your expensive shit (cameras, laptops, power banks etc.)

Personal Conclusion/Opinion

Traveling to Europe doesn’t mean that you are in the safest place on the planet (specially west Europe metropolises) it’s full robberies, crimes more than you could imagine since they opened the gates to immigrants from everywhere, the majority of these immigrants did nothing but only bring European civilization down, Europe have recently saw a huge increase in crime rate due to those immigrants.