Shall I QUIT Photography and be a fruit seller? (A Photographer's Self Talk)

Since my recent accident happened to me in Brussels on 08th of August (Read the whole story in details here) which costed me to lose ALL my photography work/portfolio since I started photography. After the accident, during the rest of this solo trip, my close friends who called me to check on have utterly noticed in my voice on phone how miserable I was, unfocused, lost and confused. And they were highly recommend to cut off the trip and get back home in Bratislava. But I decided to continue to Bruges on 10th of August, and in train I was seriously thinking about selling all my cameras and lenses and QUIT the only thing I might be good at; “photography”

I was feeling that its not really worth to to take all of these photos again and in case I decided to start again, didn’t know how and from where should I start and how to get myself on the track back again. I tried to find a way back home to Bratislava but it was so expensive to get a direct train or flight from Bruges to Bratislava, so I decided to to find a way to get to Germany through Netherlands where I can take a direct EasyJet or Ryanair flight back home for less cost. While waiting in the station for the nearest bus/train heading to Amsterdam, there was an old man sitting near by, he was around 60 years old, he found saw me sitting on the floor crying on my effort and years of hard work, he just came closer and started to talk with me, in the beginning he tried to calm me down and breaking ice, I saw the curiosity in eyes that he wanted to know what happened to me and why I am in this condition? I started to talk and tell him about my story, and his answer was truly shocking for me, it seemed to be a wake up call to me at this time, he smiled and came closer to me said; Listen young man, I totally understand how it feels when you lose everything in one shot, maybe your money, your work, your memories and everything is just gone, but except 2 things you should realize that you didn't lose and still keeping and no one on earth could ever take these 2 things from you; first one is your skill/talent for which you gifted with and the second thing, the things you experienced in your life” - such as the learnings you have learned, the places you have roamed, the projects you have worked on etc. all of these experiences are what made you reached what you have reached ... what made you reach who you are today are not these materialistic things you're crying on right now, but your skill and your life experience, and now its completely in your hand to either carry on or to give up your dreams and on your talent and be a QUITTER." - Said the old man.

Bruges, Belgium

-Bruges, Belgium-

Germany from above

What this man just said, was like an enlightenment for me, it was a guidance which made me really think differently about this stumble, his words stuck in my mind and I was thinking about what he said every day during the rest of my trip, from Bruges to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Hamburg and then Berlin, his speech really made me think about my life differently, and it boosted a great motivation and enthusiasm to keep on what I started and don't give up on my dreams and goals no matter any hurdles or stumbles I met in my life.

"At first, traveling alone leaves you speechless and then turns to a story."

Two month later, here I am! Starting again from the scratch with these limited number of photographs which I was able to capture starting from Bruges, all the way to my last destination of my 13 cities I visited during this solo trip.. insisting to start all over again from zero, building a new portfolio from the scratch, all for the love of photography as an art and with the motivation and the support I’m getting from my close friends, family and my limited number of readers and followers, I was able to get this urg