Step-by-Step guide on How to create stunning night portraits using street Neon Lights (Portrait Phot

What’s up everybody?! Happy (finally weekend) to everyone reading this post from everywhere in the world! Haven’t posted new articles from long time as I had a quite busy summer full of adventures and steals in Brussels! xD Read my funny story about how I got robbed in Belgium here

Today I would like to share, inspire you and show you how to make this kind of trendy artistic night portraits in Neon Lights which you may came across on several instagram feeds of some creative and talented portrait shooters such as (@apolozphotography)

Neon Lights Photography

The brief story behind this photoshoot; I had the idea back in mind since April, which I got inspired by one of my beautiful clients from Russia; (Evgenia Rattel) and also some stunning feeds I came across on instagram but didn’t have the time to execute it as I was traveling the whole summer and didn’t know where I can find these neon night lights in this little city I am living in. But felicitously after 6 month later I finally managed to find the right place here to execute this Neon Lights photoshoot with my beautiful client and friend who is in the frame: Lui FreedØm

The challenge to get this done like this was that the place was outdoor and it was quite cold for my model and also raining while shooting and also it took us quite long to find such a place which has this kinda ‘street neon lights’ in order to get this exact result.

How to create photos like this? A. Find the right place which has this kind of cool neon lights:

Certainly finding the right place is the main key of getting these colorful light effects in your image, usually you will find this kind of neon lights near some shops, restaurants, bars, pubs or clubs etc., once you found the right spot I advice to ask first who may concern and take their permission before start shooting as some people might find it kinda weird and might embarrass you and your model and tell you to get off when you start shooting in front of their property. Below are few examples on how these neon lights look like.

B. The correct camera settings:

There are two ways to create such an image with 2 different camera settings (Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO) to get pretty much the same results. 1. Shooting with high ISO, moderate shutter speed and low aperture:

Apperture: f/3.2 | Shutter Speed: 1/100 | ISO: 800

Important note: Since you are shooting at night there will be a high need to increase the ISO up to 800 (at least) in order to have enough light coming through the camera sensor, but as we all know that shooting with high ISO is causing a 'random noise' in your image, and as you may know noise is always the worst enemy for any photographer. Understand the type of image noises